How does this work in only 20 minutes per week?

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“20 Minutes a Week?? No way!!”

We get this question from every person who has ever walked through the doors at one of our fit20 studios for the first time. I must also admit, this idea of becoming “Fit in 20 minutes per week” had me feeling the same way at first. Then I felt something I have never felt before… the Optimal Stimulus. Only through this slow motion strength training protocol was I able to achieve this incredible feeling!

At fit20, we utilize a unique training method aimed to harness the strength that resides within all of us. By moving slowly with minimal momentum and an appropriate level of resistance, we are able to activate each and every muscle fiber type, even the muscle fibers we don’t use on a daily basis! (Type 2Bs) By giving a short but intense effort, we can get every ounce of energy out of our muscles and begin the recovery process post exercise. Each muscle fiber type has a different length of time that it needs to fully recover. Those Type 2Bs that I mentioned earlier need the most time, about a week!

Another topic that is vital to the fit20 protocol is the Dosage. At fit20, your trainer tracks your progress and is able to make slight adjustments to your workout to achieve your highest possible output. This information is crucial to ensuring that you are getting the right dose of exercise and helps minimize the risk of injury. We are looking to stimulate the body into changing by giving everything we have for a short duration and in the safest environment possible! I was completely changed after trying fit20 for the first time. Looking forward to you have this same experience soon!!

Slow Motion, Max Effort Strength Training once per week is all you need to see results!